I am a New York City-based photographer whose work–be it beachscape, cityscape, or portrait–explores photography’s capacity to convey mood and emotion. I am passionate about making beautiful and expressive prints.

My ongoing projects include “Light and Water”–images of Fire Island that emphasize the geometric quality of the vista and the exquisite, constantly shifting color of the light. “Night Windows”–city views captured after dark from my Manhattan apartment–share the same visual preoccupations, but here, this being the city, humans and their habitats take center stage.

In 2018, I began digitizing my black-and-white film archive. “Bellefonte Kids, 1970” is made up of portraits of children in that then-hardscrabble Pennsylvania town. "Vintage East Village" is a collection of NYC street scenes from the same period. Digitizing my decades-old negatives has made the work seem new to me. Not only am I printing many of these images for the first time, but processing the negatives digitally enables me to create larger, more richly detailed, and more nuanced prints than I could have made in the darkroom in 1970.

A retired journalist, author, and editor, I regularly serve as a teaching assistant at the International Center of Photography, where I studied printing for many years with renowned teacher Ben Gest. I also work as a private tutor helping individuals master the tools of the “digital darkroom.”